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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 November 2015

The Ghost in the Machine Gun (Park) on Catalina Island

A WWI German machine gun in Avalon on Catalina IslandSomething You Don’t See Everywhere Is Here on

a Private Tour of Catalina

The locals refer to this patch of open land in the center of Santa Catalina Island‘s only town, Avalon, as “Machine Gun Park.”  The name comes from the mounted World War I German machine gun standing out in the open space.  City Park, as the grounds are formally named, acquired this memento of man’s inhumanity The plaque identifying the German machine gun in Avalon on Catalina Island near Los Angelesfrom the local American Legion post along with the metal helmet you can see below the weapon.  Not that this is the best reason to visit Santa Catalina Island by any means, but it is something that caught our eyes as we were exploring the town as part of a private Los Angeles tour.  We flew to the island by helicopter.  All of our helicopters are twin-engine aircraft so we can safely and legally make the 23-mile journey from the Los Angeles shore over to the largest of the Channel Islands strung along the Southern California coast.  Once on the island we can avail ourselves of any number of fun activities from sightseeing to ziplining, shopping to snorkeling, community activities to deep sea fishing.  Oh, and there’s talk of a ghost in the park. Catalina Island is a tiny offshore paradise from where you can easily see the giant city of Los Angeles…a getaway without going far…a perfect luxury tour destination.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 March 2014

Ziplining Adventure on Catalina Island

Ziplining down a Catalina Island mountainside

Crossing Catalina Canyons on a Zipline Tour

One advantage of our southern California drought conditions is that almost every day this winter has been a bright sunny and cool day.  Perfect for a luxury zipline adventure with our private Los Angeles tour guests.  We flew a group recently by helicopter to Santa Catalina Island, 22 miles of the coast of Los Angeles, and rode a Jeep up to the top point in a 5-station zipline rope journey that spans the island.  Clear skies and a blue ocean greeted our guests as they learned the few simple safety lessons for the speedy journey back down to the shoreline.  Our guests, potential Hollywood stars each of them, were more than happy to have our videographer join the group and capture the ziplining, the lunch and some exquisite views of the island and Avalon Bay.  Please enjoy and share the video yourself and join us for a zipline adventure tour of your own one day.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 August 2013

A Private Tour to a Los Angeles Island

Photo of view to the sea over Avalon Bay, Catalina Island

A Fine Catalina Island Tour

Sunny southern California also includes the largest of the California Channel Islands, Santa Catalina, 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles.  A famous and fabulous resort at one time (known for gambling and alcohol sales) the island drew the Hollywood elite and visiting dignitaries for short rollicking holidays.  The main population center, Avalon, turns 100 years old this summer which conforms to the overall history of modern Los Angeles.  Unlike the other seven islands of the group, Catalina is privately owned and the Catalina Island Conservancy works hard to protect the island from development and abuse.  Still regarded as something of an island playground, the short trip over by boat (shorter still by plane or on one of our helicopters) lures both Californians and visitors for mini-vacations and daytrips.  Only 12% of the island is populated the rest pristine where wildlife and buffalo roam.  Hiking the island is an exceptional opportunity to experience the California Mediterranean climate in a natural environment.  But there is also the town with its restaurants and hotels, museum and movie theater, and the bay offering boating, snorkeling and water activities.  Relatively new is the exciting sport of ziplining which allows you to fly through the forest along ropes secured between trees.  There are five lines from top to bottom.  It’s a rush!

Photo of Avalon Bay

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 July 2013

Fly to Catalina for Ziplining

Ziplining Tour to Catalina Island

Photo of our helicopter parked on Catalina IslandWhat’s better than flying over Catalina Island safely harnessed and riding a long thin rope?  Flying over to the island aboard a luxury helicopter and spending the day on a beautiful desert island that includes a ziplining tour as one of the many interesting activities available to our private Los Angeles tour guests interested in a little more excitement than simple sightseeing provides.  This is where the ADVENTURE in Elite Adventure Tours becomes evident.  Join us on ocean skimming flight to the largest of the Channel Islands just 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles for a safari-like adventure through the island.  Besides ziplining there are buffalo and incredible wildlife to see, great hiking trails and excellent lunch destinations in the town of Avalon.  You may just be visiting Los Angeles on a summer vacation or here for a major family event like a wedding or graduation, maybe just passing through on a cruise or flight layover.  We can entertain you with great fun activities no matter how long you plan to be here.

Ziplining on Catalina Island

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