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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 January 2017

Tour Los Angeles, Tour the Zoo

Pink flamingos flock at the Los Angeles Zoo

Include a Visit to the Los Angeles Zoo on Your Private Tour

With all of Los Angeles available to our private tour guests we can include in their sightseeing around the city, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the beaches, a chance to see the Los Angeles Zoo.  Sure, movie stars are great but when you are in a major metropolitan area you also will find a collection of wild animals available to watch and examine.  Unlike the movie star homes we slowly drive by while the guide explains details and tells stories to make the house interesting, the zoo is curated by animal and conservation specialists so there is a lot of educational material to absorb for anyone interested.  For example, the name flamingo comes from the Spanish “flame-colored” and there are four species of this avian wonder in the Americas.  At the flamingo pond there is no mention of John Waters’ unusual 1972 film PINK FLAMINGOS despite Hollywood film mavens’ ongoing fascination with the strange movie classic.  We might also get a strange look from Hubert the African lion or his companion KalisaHubert the lion stares us down at the Los Angeles ZooWhile Hubert is not Leo from the MGM logo he sounds just like him.  His roar certainly gets our attention which might have been Louis B. Mayer‘s intention when the film logo was designed.  Keep in mind that on a private custom tour of Los Angeles we can stop at the zoo, botanical gardens, museums and any other attraction that our guests wish to see.  Forget driving and parking for we will handle that.  There is much to see and do in our large city and we can help you get the most out of your sightseeing adventure.



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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 April 2014

The King and Queen Arrive at the Los Angeles Zoo

 Beautiful photographic image of Hubert and Kalisa, new lions at the Los Angeles Zoo

A Real Treat for Los Angeles Tour Guests Visiting the L.A. Zoo

As much effort as we put into our photography on each private Los Angeles tour we do, we can only dream of capturing this kind of image.  Stan Milkowski so beautifully frames the regal bearing of Hubert and Kalisa who just recently moved to Southern California to take up the position of king and queen of the Los Angeles Zoo.  If this photograph is not a perfect couples headshot to impress Hollywood, we do not know what is.  Since we have not had any of our custom tour groups over to the zoo since the lion pair’s arrival we had to find photos to share in this announcement.  Another one we like is this one by Martha Means.  Hubert and Kalisa are 15 years old and came to live in Los Angeles from Seattle.  We expect to see them often this summer as our family tours are certain to want to explore the zoo, the Autry Museum and nearby Traveltown.

The new lions at the L.A. Zoo – Hubert & Kalisa

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 February 2014

Animal Sex and Valentine’s Day at the Los Angeles Zoo

Rodents appear to kiss for Valentine's DaySomething Romantic to Do After Your Los Angeles Tour.

Get your Valentine’s Day celebration started early with dinner, live music, a tour and lecture at the Los Angeles Zoo.  This Saturday evening at 5pm you can take your sweetie and enjoy an adults only event featuring a lecture by former zoo curator Michael Dee discussing in intimate detail the “mating, dating and cohabitating” of L.A. Zoo inhabitants.  With exquisite desserts and sexy wines to get started followed by a musical performance (Whitney Hall) and then the provocative presentation there is a prix fixe dinner at Reggie’s Bistro at the zoo.  Champagne and roses, appetizers, entree and dessert should certainly be the way to everyone’s heart.  We seldom have an adults only private Los Angeles tour that wishes to be dropped off at the zoo but we expect that to be different this coming Saturday night.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 May 2013

Vistas, Vineyards and Ostriches

Photo of Ostriches at Santa Ynez winery

Wine and Big Birds on a Private Adventure Tour

You might not think of the Santa Ynez Valley just north of Santa Barbara, CA as a significant wine region, though it is (have you not seen the film SIDEWAYS?).  You might also not regard it is a major ostrich farming area either.  A trip to this beautiful valley with us by private van or luxury helicopter will convince you otherwise.  There are over 100 wineries throughout the valley bottling wonderful vintages made from more than 55 varieties of grapes.  And there is one large ostrich farm, Ostrichland, in Buellton.  Ostriches and emus of all ages and sizes roam the ranch.  While you can buy ostrich eggs and meat in the gift shop, Ostrichland is a really a zoo environment where visitors can interact with the giant Australian birds and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

We can arrange a private wine country tour for you originating in Los Angeles, Hollywood or Beverly Hills.  You may choose to fly to Santa Ynez by helicopter.  Or, you can enjoy the scenic drive up along the Pacific shoreline and over the Coastal Range in our comfortable luxury van.  We will even have a copy of SIDEWAYS that you can watch on the built-in 23″ flatscreen monitor.  Even more special, we might be able to arrange to have Rex Pickett, the author of the novel Sideways join us on the trip and guide us through his favorite wine drinking destinations.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:50 14 July 2012

Music to Their Hairy Ears

Photograph of hippopotamus yawning but not because the music is boringEveryone who lives at the zoo is eagerly anticipating two evenings of music right there on the zoo grounds.  Here is an opportunity for us people to visit the zoo late in the day, listen to all different kinds of music, eat all different kinds of food, and watch the animals sing and dance like a Disney movie.

OK, that last part will probably not happen (but we can hope!).  Still, this is a wonderful opportunity to visit the zoo as the sun sets and see the night time critters become active while the day folks doze off.

On July 13th the bands will present a wide range of pop, rock and jazz music as Best of Music L.A.  The July 27th event will focus on world music in an evening called Global Fusion.  Both evenings are scheduled from 6-9 p.m.  Tickets are available in advance.Logo for Music in the L.A. Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo is located in the northeast corner of Griffith Park across from the Autry Western Heritage Museum.  Our private luxury tour guests enjoying Beverly Hills and Hollywood will have us take them to the zoo to photograph their visit and let their children see something they like better than celebrity homes.  Lions, tigers and bears instead of Judy Garland and Bert Lahr, oh my!

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