Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 July 2016

Water Tower at Warner Bros.

The water tower on the Warner Bros. Studios lot

Our Private Tour Sees Studio Water Tower

Our Los Angeles private tour guests often want to talk about water.  While water is a major subject of discussion in California all through the year (and this decade in particular) we are pleased that our issues with water are widely known.  On our tours we talk about the history of Los Angeles in terms of water and how a major metropolis was constructed in what is essentially a desert.  The history of water in Los Angeles is long and colorful and not too far removed from the story in Roman Polanski’s CHINATOWN.  Water discussions also arise when we point out the water towers on the film studio lots like Warner Bros. (above).  In this case we describe the studios in earlier days when these “cities” of filmmaking were somewhat isolated from the growing burg of Los Angeles and had their own fire departments.  Water towers supplied water for the facility as well as for emergencies (fires were not uncommon – wood sets and hot tools, you know).  Explosions and fires created for film were risks.  Just think about the burning of Atlanta for GONE WITH THE WIND filmed in Culver City.  Another use for a lot of water was creating a flood (the Universal Studios tour might demonstrate that) or just a large pool of water for scenes filmed “at sea” (visit The Tank on the Paramount Studios lot).

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