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Annual Pacers Pancake Breakfast Batter Battle 11-13-10

Annual Pacers Pancake Breakfast Batter Battle!!!!!!!! photoWhen:
Saturday, November 13, 2010 7:00 am – 10:00 am
Rose Bowl Aquatic Center Parking Lot
360 N Arroyo Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 792-1221
The Pasadena Pacers Running Club and the Pasadena Hiking Pacers are teaming together for one unforgettable event!  On our private Hollywood tours, I love updating our clients about such happenings!  What is better than a good ol’ Pancake Breakfast Battle after a nice morning run?  Please read below for the details …
Per Steve Smith, Founder of the Pasadena Pacers Running Club:

“Fellow Pacers,

Kevin Cressey, President and Founder of the Pasadena Hiking Pacers, has been talking some alarming trash about the superiority of his apple pancakes. I’ve been so battered by these claims that I have agreed to participate in an ultimate pancake chef cook off. The great pancake contest of 2010 will be on November 13th. This will be after the Marine Corps Marathon, the LA Rock n’ Roll Half, and the start of the new group cycle.

Here’s how the contest will be played:
Anyone who is bold enough to even think they can beat my blueberry pancakes can participate.
All participants must come prepared to feed 60 runners at least 1 pancake.
All pancake toppings are allowed.
Participants must supply their own stove, serving, and cooking utensils.
Food costs will be reimbursed, bring receipts.
All participants must remain calm and show respect to other chefs – no one is allowed to Flip Out!
Participants should time their meals to be ready when runners return from their workouts.
Pre cook-off campaigning is allowed, but all claims must be truthful.

Each chef will be given a green can with their name on it.
All voting will be done by green can contributions.
Ballot stuffing is allowed – the more the better, so hundred dollar bills will help insure that your voice gets heard!

All proceeds to be donated to the Pasadena Pacers green can fund.

Each participant must supply a white elephant gift to be awarded to the winning chef – in the event that your pancakes are a Flop!

Steve Smith
Titanium Chef”

My fellow Hiking Pacers, please come out and support your Hiking Pacer Founder and Coach.  I would really like to show the other Pacers that we know how to hike, eat, AND COOK!!!

Hope you can all come out for some PANCAKE LOVE!!!!!

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