LA Adventure Specialist - 2:56 19 January 2011

Cirque du Soliel of horses

Get out and enjoy this brilliant showcase of equestrian arts performed under a 100-foot-high big top. Often called the “Cirque du Soliel of horses,” this meticulous and riviting multimedia spectacle was founded by one of Cirque’s founders, Normand Latourelle, yet the impressive combination of horse and human talent makes this show unlike any other. Fifty horses are a part of the animal team, who perform with graceful human counterparts in dressage, trick riding, flying sequences, ball balancing , bungee jumping and intricate, ballet-like choreography.  The human-equestrian connection will be sure to strike an emotional cord with you. This show is completely not what you anticipate, and something that I am reccommending to all of our clients partaking on private Los Angeles tours.

Every week in Burbank: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from Wed., January 19 until Sun., February 6 /
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