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Century City CFM on Thursday’s

CFM is short for Certified Farmer’s Market. Certified Farmers’ Markets are places where farmers sell their crops directly to the public. Consumers can find a wide array of fresh and locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Some markets have other vendors outside of the certified section to complement the farmers’ produce, selling bread, meats and fish, dairy products, prepared food, and local crafts.

Certified farmers’ markets are approved market sites by the County Agricultural Commissioner and the Health Department. They are part of a statewide program meant to increase the sustainability of small farmers by connecting the consumer and the farmer. All farmers selling at a Certified Farmers’ market must have a Certified Producers Certificate from their local Agricultural Commissioner verifying that they grow the items that they sell. Farmers, nonprofit organizations or the local government usually operate these markets, which have developed into vital resources for communities that might otherwise lack a viable source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not too far off the beaten path of private Hollywood tours, is the Century City CFM on Thursdays.  We always encourage visitors to enjoy the local flair as much as the glitz and glamor, in order to have a whole experience.   Certified Farmers’ Markets also play an important role in enlivening communities, creating street life and increasing economic opportunities.

Name: Century City CFM
Day: Thursday
Hours: 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Location: Constellation Blvd & Avenue of the Stars
City: Century City
County: Los Angeles
Manager: Jennifer McColm
Office Address: 19301 Caladero St., Tarzana, CA 91356
Phone: 818-591-8161

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