LA Adventure Specialist - 6:08 20 April 2010

The RUSH HOUR Farmer’s Market

Friday’s in the late afternoon is “rush hour” in these neck of  the woods!  Ahhh….but be smart if your schedule permits!  Whether you are a local or visiting………this is one of the 80 something “one day a week” Certified Farmer’s Markets in LA that is at such a unique day and time.  While private star tours Hollywood are in route, this could be the perfect stop off after a close up view of the Hollywood sign, to grab some wholesome California snacks to enjoy in your room or after your morning workout!  There is so much to do in the city……I am not sure sometimes that I can get to it all; but I will have fun trying!!

Name: Echo Park Farmers’ Market
Day: Friday
Hours: 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Parking Lot #663 on Logan Street, south of Sunset Boulevard
City: Echo Park
County: Los Angeles
Manager: Holly Calhoun
Office Address: 6605 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 220, Hollywood CA 90028
Phone: 323-463-3171
Fax: 323-463-1062

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